Each of the previous 28 App Promotion Summits had tremendous levels of support from our official event partners. Not only that, but a significant percentage of those partners come have back to sponsor two, three, or even all of the events we’ve organised.

Organisations that have sponsored App Promotion Summit include:

The support of our partners makes APS possible. If you would like to discuss the opportunities available please complete the form below or email Andrew on andrew@apppromotionsummit.com

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Nuwani Withanachchi
Head of Digital Media,

“The calibre of attendees was excellent and we are having some great conversations. We’ve done a few events over the past few months and APS London (WFH) has given us the most meetings so far.”

Marina Bunzl
Head of Marketing – Central Europe & Nordics

“Many congratulations on a successful conference!”

Marie-Laure Cruyt

“Thank you and congratulations for the terrific job you did in turning APS London (WFH) into a huge success. We’re very happy with the outcome!”

Keren Shlush
Marketing & Content Manager

“Cheers on a very well-done event!”

Erika Koneczny
Senior Events Manager

“This was a great sponsorship opportunity. We look forward to returning!”

Christian Eckhardt
Co-Founder & CEO

“It was a pleasure partnering up with you and I look forward to the next event!”

Andrea Vasilenco
Field Marketing – Guild Leader

“We are all super happy with the results and the attendee list is great.”

Anaïs Lenain
Marketing Manager

“We were very happy with the event and also with the organisation. It delivered a number of qualified leads for us, as well as meetings.”

Olga Padulosi
Head of Partner Marketing

“All the sessions were very informative, and attendance was impressive.”