Launched in 2013, App Promotion Summit is the world’s leading app growth conference series. It offers the ideal opportunity to learn growth marketing strategies and tactics directly from the world’s top app growth experts.

Our portfolio includes events in London, San Francisco, New York and Berlin and in 2020 App Promotion Summit also became a leader in digital events.

Our event series also includes the App Growth Awards which celebrate success in the global app marketing ecosystem. Launched in 2017, the ceremony was the first to recognise industry innovation and facilitate progress in app marketing and growth.

APS is the #1 destination for the leaders of the global app ecosystem to come together to learn, network and drive growth.

This is conferencing, in its purest form. Attendees absolutely love it. We are going to keep pushing boundaries, keep enabling relationships and keep driving growth.


Want to get a feel for what to expect on the day? Check this out:

Here’s the types of companies that you’ll be mixing with:

App marketers and product leaders ❤️ our events

Aurélie Genet
Head of Product Marketing

“Wide range of topics. No sales pitches, just knowledge sharing.”

Gessica Bicego, Director of Performance Marketing

“One of the best conferences I’ve attended. So many valuable insights!”

Ryan Hanna, Co-Founder & CPO

“Gets better each year as knowledge from one year builds on to the next.”

Lisa Kennelly, CMO

“I was impressed with the quality of the presentations. It’s rare to have an event go in-depth on topics that are highly relevant to my day-to-day work.”

Dora Trostanetsky, Director of Growth Marketing

“It was great to meet so many other growth marketers and learn about how they do things. I will definitely attend again next year!”

Hannah Parvaz, Head of Growth

“App Promotion Summit was great. The workshops and masterclasses were super insightful.”

David Collins, Head of Product

“I had a great time and met some really interesting people facing the same challenges and opportunities that I am.”

Claudia Garcia, CRM Manager

“I was impressed by the high level of the organization of the summit, by the speakers and their professionalism, and by the content.”

Matt Davey, COO

“Thanks for a great event. I came away with practical tips and exciting influencer experimentation ideas.”

Carmen Marin, Head of App Marketing

“I learned a lot about the latest app marketing trends, channels and tools. I especially enjoyed the workshops; they were very relevant.”

Hristina Dimitrova, Marketing Project Manager

“Very useful insights and sessions about app retention, influencer marketing, and app monetization.”

Jamie Mercer, Head of Product
Student Beans

“Loved the workshops and the product focus.”

Marina Zinakova, Senior Brand Marketing Manager

“One of the most useful and insightful events I have ever attended.”

Dawid Kowalski, Senior User Acquisition Manager

“APS was packed with knowledge and actionable insights. It was way above expectations, even better than most traditional conferences.”

Elia Moliner, ASO Marketing Artist

“The chat feature was amazing and made you feel included in the event. The talks were short and sweet, really insightful, and well delivered.”

Marina Mazein, Product Owner

“I really enjoyed the honest deep dive insights and the high-quality speakers.”