APS London 2023 will take place in person on Thursday 23rd March at London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square.

In person tickets for APS London are now sold out. We still have online only tickets available below. If you have an existing code please contact us.

By registering for APS London you agree to our privacy policy and terms & conditions.

Ticket Types

To be categorised as an app/ brand you must have the following:

– the name of the app / brand in your linkedin profile

– functioning app store pages and website for the app (cannot be something in development)

– the name of the app/ brand in your email address

We reserve the right to cancel any app/ brand tickets that do not meet the criteria as judged by the organisers. Please do not book any flights or accommodation until 24 hours after the ticket has been booked.

Details on the prices and process

To register for APS London simply select the number of tickets you require, click the ‘Checkout’ button and then fill in your details on the next page. Alternatively, you can email us to pay via an invoice.

PRO tickets include full access to the event networking platform where you can see who’s attending (name, job title & company) and set up meetings.

If you have questions just email us on info@apppromotionsummit.com and we’ll help out.

Our Privacy Policy:

To do business we need to collect information about you and the organisation that you represent. We will be the proud, sole owners of the information that we collect. If we didn’t collect, store and use this data then we couldn’t exist as a company. For example, if you register for one of our events we need to know who you are and be able to communicate with you. Whilst it is your decision to provide us with the data, please be aware that we might not be able to do our job if you don’t provide us with it.