The App Growth & Product event
in San Francisco

App Promotion Summit SF brings together app marketing, growth, product, CRM and revenue leaders.

You’ll learn how to grow and scale apps and understand key topics including AI-enabled marketing, Product Led growth, Retention, SKAN 4.0 and Subscriptions.

Enjoy a 5* experience at the W Hotel and outstanding networking opportunities. Connect with the world’s top app platforms and agencies in our marketplace.

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Covering the key themes driving app growth in 2024

APS San Francisco

Unleashing AI for App Marketing

Step into the future of marketing as we unleash the power of AI for App Marketing. Join us on a journey where innovation meets strategy, and traditional boundaries are shattered. Dive deep into data-driven insights and predictive analytics, unlocking the secrets to optimizing user engagement and driving app growth with AI.

APS San Francisco

Improving Retention

With high user expectations, short attention spans and unlimited choice, user engagement is a friction point for many app marketers. Find out how to create that brand loyalty and increase retention rates by monitoring user behaviour, adapting quickly and cultivating long-lasting relationships with your customers.

APS San Francisco

Driving Product-led Growth

Let your product do the talking. Learn how you should be using your app offering as the primary means to acquire, activate, and retain customers. Find out how to give your user a first-class experience with freemium options, smooth onboarding and ‘self-serve’ assistance – it is these user-centric experiences that can propel growth.

APS San Francisco

SKAN 4.0 Enabled User Acquisition

With the prospect of SKAN 5.0 looming, the ever-complicated world of SKAN 4.0 still has marketers questioning how to navigate the landscape of user acquisition effectively. Find out the best ways to turn theory into practice and learn how to optimize strategies to ensure accurate attribution and maintain user privacy.

APS San Francisco

Subscription Business Models

Be the first to know about the new opportunities in the evolving subscription app market. Explore the user acquisition and retention tactics tailored specifically for subscription-based apps as we examine successful pricing structures, methods to reduce churn and maximize customer LTV.

APS San Francisco

New Channels

Discover the untapped potential of marketing your app through new and revolutionary channels. Whether it is exploring innovative strategies like Connected TV (CTV) and Web2App advertising or leveraging Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising and retail media, we will equip you with the tools and insights to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Learn how to grow and scale apps

User Acquisition:

SKAN & Privacy Sandbox

The Web2App funnel

Marketing Mix Modeling

Incrementality and attribution




Onboarding flows


Process automation

User journey optimization

CRM tactics (in-app messaging, push)

Avoiding churn


Product-led growth

UX & design

User research & customer feedback

Feature marketing

Product a/b testing

User analytics


Business models

Pricing strategies

Subscriptions & IAPs

Paywall optimization

Maximizing LTV

Ad monetization


APS SF Returns

Join us in San Francisco at W Hotel for a 5* in-person experience in our legendary friendly atmosphere, plus digitally enhanced networking and content.

App Growth Content

Access talks, panels and workshops on September 26th with sessions covering app growth topics across the funnel.

App Networking

Networking & Community

Connect in our app and take part in interactive discussions in-person and digitally.

Marketplace & Exhibition

Meet the world’s leading user acquisition, analytics & data and app engagement platforms and agencies.


Connect with industry leading platforms and agencies

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Who attends APS Events?

Everyone. It’s an app growth extravaganza.

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App Promotion Summit is for:

✅ Growth, Product, User Acquisition, Performance Marketers and Leaders

✅ On-demand, eCommerce, fintech, media & entertainment apps

✅ App platforms, agencies and technology companies

Covering App Growth topics across the funnel:

📱 App Store Optimization

📈 User Acquisition

❤️ App Engagement and CRM

📷 Social & Influencers


Are your ready for the new era of App Growth?

App marketers and product leaders ❤️ our events

Regina Khalimova,
Associate Director, Growth Marketing

“Great resource for growth marketers to ideate on growth channels and learn best practices.”

Lenette Yap,
User Acquisition Lead

“Solid speaker lineup as always with a broad range of interesting topics”

Jus Avila,
Pod Lead – Apps, Games & Mobile Content

“Unparalleled content and unmatched networking opportunity – an app event like no other.”

Brittany Watson, Marketing Manager
Victoria’s Secret

“I really enjoyed hearing the different perspectives from all the speakers. It made me look at mobile app marketing in a new light.”

Vrinda Aggarwal, Manager, User Retention & Engagement
Gannett | USA TODAY

“A well organized event with informative sessions and opportunities to network.”

Vivien Chong, Marketing Analyst
Victoria’s Secret

“I really enjoyed listening to different perspectives from different companies and food and replenishments were great.”

Lixin Yang, App Product Manager
The Epoch Times

“Your contribution to the app marketing industry is remarkable.”

Mickey Atir, CMO

“Coming to APS was amazing, getting our notebook full of inspiration and takeaways. Finally a chance to meet and connect to make our apps better.”

Teiko Yakobson, Senior Marketing Manager
VIZ Media

“The most informative conference I’ve been to all year.”

Lindsay Neff, Senior Product Marketing Manager
DAT Freight & Analytics

“APS provided the tools to build strong profitable growth and long-term retention strategies for our team as we continue to launch our new app.”

Jenny Pollock, Lead Subscription Monetization Manager
Together Labs

“APS gathers a global group of app experts with detailed insights on how I can grow my app monetization. It’s a must attend.”

Yered Arellano Gonzalez, Director of Product Strategy

“Listening to the challenges of other people and other companies really helps us view our own in a different light. The openness of the group is empowering.”

Hristina Dimitrova, Marketing Project Manager

“Very useful insights and sessions about app retention, influencer marketing, and app monetization.”

American Express

“Really enjoyed the day! Great speakers and plenty of people to connect with.”


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