Represent a Start-Up or Independent Developer? We have reduced the cost for you to attend.


We are pleased to offer massively subsidised tickets to all independent developers and start-ups, as we don’t want you to stretch your purse strings but we definitely want you at the event. Read on to learn how you can take advantage.


Why do we do this?

1) It’s essential to have the next generation of individuals and organisations represented in the delegation, it’s been proven to add vitality and richness to the proceedings.

2) We believe that conferences like App Promotion Summit exist because they deliver tangible business results. You offer the rest of the delegation an opportunity to meet young companies, ambitious individuals and establish relationships with them. That represents a great opportunity for everyone.

3) We want your business to succeed, for App Promotion Summit to contribute in some small way to that success would be wonderful. We want you back at the event as an established company.


Are you eligible?

If you represent a company that is under 2 years old and has less than 10 employees
If you are an independent mobile application or mobile game developer


How do you apply?

We need to check you out – please send an email to and provide us with your and your organisation’s details. Then we make sure you’re who you say you are and we’ll issue a special code for when you register.





“It was a great event and an amazing location. With what I learned we were able to get our app into rank 6 in Google Play Top Charts. We will further focus on analytics as this was a strong recommendation by all speakers and contacts I made throughout the day at APS Berlin.”

Oliver Hempel, Head of Global Digital Marketing, Faber-Castell

“A great experience and lessons learned to boost our apps to the next level.”

Tiago Valente, Project Manager, Thing Pink

“Since attending the App Promotion Summit in London, we’ve been able to increase our downloads by 700% just by applying ASO techniques and best practices.”

Gaston Irigoyen, CEO & Co-Founder, Guidecentral

“Amazing speakers, great networking and strong content. Highly recommend it; it is a must for mobile developers.”

Junior An, Co-Founder, Mobcoin

“More useful than WWDC.”

Jon Bonnick, Founder & CEO, Intelligenti

“I really enjoyed it and definitely took away many helpful tips for our apps!”

Izzy Markwick, Business Development, Snap Fashion

“What a fantastic day. We learned an awful lot.”

Lucy Smith, Marketing Director, Readly

Please send an email to to claim your subsidised ticket.