Gummicube revolutionized mobile marketing in 2010 as the first App Store Optimization company. Gummicube’s DATACUBE software leverages proprietary ‘big data for mobile’ to understand search trends and the competitive landscape inside the app stores. By using DATACUBE, mobile search data and user behavior is no longer a black box – resulting in greater visibility, more high quality organic downloads and a lower overall cost of user acquisition.

Join the thousands of developers who have relied on Gummicube to optimize their apps for the best possible visibility and conversion with its proprietary mobile data, industry leading technology and hands-on team of ASO experts. Gummicube is based in San Jose, California with offices in Portland, Oregon and Berlin, Germany.

AppsFlyer helps brands make good choices for their business and their customers with its advanced measurement, data analytics, deep linking, engagement, fraud protection, data clean room and privacy preserving technologies.

Built on the idea that brands can increase customer privacy while providing exceptional experiences, AppsFlyer empowers thousands of creators and 10,000+ technology partners to create better, more meaningful customer relationships.

Over 30,000 apps use RevenueCat to offer and manage in-app subscriptions, analyze customer data and grow over $2.5 billion in annual recurring revenue on iOS, Android and the web.

CUSTOMER.IO is a customer engagement platform designed for marketing teams to create data-driven campaigns that reach people across all messaging channels at the right time. Their suite of products includes Journeys, a messaging automation tool for all engagement needs, and Data Pipelines, a customer data platform that connects the entire tech stack. offers a winning recipe for effective customer engagement by combining real-time data and personalized messages. Founded in 2012, is a globally distributed, remote-first company named one of the fastest-growing private companies on the 2022 Inc. 5000 list.

Moloco’s goal is to make the digital economy more equitable and profitable by delivering advanced machine learning to companies of all sizes. With Moloco’s machine learning platform for growth and performance, every app publisher and online retailer can now unlock the value of their unique, first-party data. Moloco Cloud DSP enables performance marketers to quickly scale user acquisition and achieve greater lifetime value through battle-tested prediction models. Moloco was founded in 2013 by a team of former Google machine learning engineers. Its headquarters in Redwood City, Moloco has nine offices across the US, UK, Korea, China, Japan, and Singapore.

OneSignal simplifies the orchestration of omnichannel customer messaging for mobile-centric marketers. From implementation to execution, the intuitive and easy-to-use platform gives marketers the control they need to personalize their customer journeys without relying heavily on developer resources.

Industry leader in profitable user acquisition, Addict Mobile provides tailored app user acquisition services to support app developers with the best marketing campaigns focusing on ROAS.

Our services include best-in-class campaign management and strategies, tracking/attribution support, data projections, creative production (UGC incl.), ASO, and retargeting. Our in-house technologies and expert teams are the pillars of our ambitions.

With more than 600 projects under our belt with leading brands such as Western Union, Supercell, Mattel, and Decathlon, we operate from 3 offices in Paris, Madrid and New York, and managed a budget of $135M in 2022.

CleverTap is the all-in-one engagement platform that helps brands unlock limitless customer lifetime value by helping them create personalized experiences to retain their most valuable customers. The platform empowers businesses to orchestrate experiences for individuals across their lifecycles and design personalized journeys that span a lifetime. It offers analytics that encompasses every aspect of the lifecycle, enabling businesses to measure and optimize each experience in real time. Its unique AI capability is insightful, empathetic, and prescriptive, facilitating smarter and faster decisions. The all-in-one platform unifies experiences from every touchpoint, paving the way for a new era of customer engagement. The platform is powered by TesseractDB™ – the world’s first purpose-built database for customer engagement, offering both speed and economies of scale.

CleverTap is trusted by 2,000+ customers including Electronic Arts, Tilting Point, Gamebasics, Big Fish, MobilityWare, TED, English Premier League, TD Bank, Carousell, AirAsia, Papa John’s and Tesco.

Backed by leading investors such as Peak XV Partners, Tiger Global, Accel, CDPQ and 360 One, the company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, with presence in San Francisco, New York, São Paulo, Bogota, London, Amsterdam, Sofia, Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Singapore and Jakarta.

Stream powers Activity Feeds, Chat, Moderation, Video and Audio for over one billion end-users across thousands of apps including Strava, Nextdoor, Match Group, Adobe, Under Armour and eToro.

When developers trust Stream to integrate the scalable, reliable and performant infrastructure of APIs and SDKs designed with developers in mind, they are empowered to innovate on areas of their app that set it apart from the crowd.

Stream guarantees a faster time-to-market, superior scalability, world-class real-time communication quality and a richer UX that will increase user engagement, retention and satisfaction.

madduck is on a mission to democratize the subscription business for mobile apps to create a sustainable positive impact on both developers and society in general.

Based on the idea that mobile app teams should be able to scale without hiring an army of data analysts, madduck provides actionable insights, each with its $ denominated impact, to maximize any subscription app’s bottom line by sifting through their data using advanced algorithms.

With this unique approach, madduck strives to position itself at the center of a flourishing ecosystem of solutions that help developers to grow their businesses.

Lemon AI is an AI-powered SaaS solution designed to make the most out of your digital campaigns by predicting and acquiring the most valuable users to your app.

Lemon AI helps you boost performance metrics up to 40% for both iOS and Android apps. Fast no-code integration and extremely quick model training allow you to start predicting in less than 5 days. Increase your ROAS, LTV, Retention, or ARPU, decrease your CAC, or improve any custom metric fundamental to your business at a fair price commensurate with your goals and desired results.

We are integrated partners of AppsFlyer, Adjust, Firebase, Google Analytics, and many other leading analytics services.

Get a bite of Lemon AI with a free 30-day trial to witness the impact of top-notch patented deep-learning technology on your app performance.

AppTweak is an App Store Marketing & Intelligence Platform powered by AI, enabling mobile leaders to optimize their app’s organic and paid performance in the app stores.

AppTweak stands out as the industry’s most comprehensive platform, providing ASO Intelligence, Search Ads Campaign Management, App Store Review Management and Market Intelligence. We empower app marketers with tools, data and managed services to make more informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

At the core of AppTweak is Atlas AI, our proprietary deep-learning language model trained on app store data since 2014. This technology, combined with unparalleled support, makes AppTweak the trusted partner for mobile leaders such as Uber, Zynga and The North Face.

VIBE is a performance-focused streaming TV DSP allowing marketers to drive incremental reach, increase UA campaign revenue, and support brand uplift, at scale. With over 500 premium app and channel partnerships and major MMP integrations, affords performance marketers full control of their campaign measurement and performance.

Appier is an internationally recognized artificial intelligence company. It is a technology partner to some of the world’s leading brands, helping them effectively implement and leverage AI to drive business growth. Its suite of enterprise-grade products helps organizations maximize data, uncover hidden insights and personalize customer outreach.

Appier was established in 2012 by a passionate team of experts in AI, data analysis, distributed systems and marketing. Appier now extends across 17 offices in APAC, Europe and the US with more than 500 employees. It has raised $162 million in funding, and has been recognized as a leader in AI by Fortune Magazine and others.

VEVE is a technology-based performance and brand marketing platform that enables brands to connect with 1 billion+ devices through various mobile handsets (OEMs), internet browsers, app stores and premium apps across the globe.

The strong collaboration allows brands to access 36% of smartphone and desktop users in North America and 50% across Europe. This massive reach along with the novelty of VEVE’s on-device ad formats helps brands drive clicks, visits, new user acquisitions, sales, subscriptions, and app installs.

RevX is a programmatic demand-side platform that assists app marketers in acquiring, re-engaging and monetising users throughout their user journey.

Our expertise, scale and unwavering commitment to transparency fuel sustainable app growth. Our User Acquisition solution empowers marketers to reach their target audience at scale and acquire high-value gamers, while our powerful Retargeting platform helps re-engage your best players, foster loyalty and power up revenue.

AVOW is an award-winning, global app growth company specializing in mobile OEM advertising. Founded with the vision to revolutionize mobile OEM advertising, AVOW has rapidly emerged as an industry leader with more than 100 advertisers on its roster. Through its partnerships with premium mobile OEMs and alongside its recent proprietary tech, AVOW Intelligence, the company provides access to over 1.5 billion daily active users and offers clients over 10 million monthly downloads.

Appnomix is revolutionizing app monetization with world-class SDKs that give app developers access to commerce revenue for the very first time.

Through personalized loyalty programs and brand rewards, Appnomix SDKs make users active participants in the monetization chain, cultivating a symbiotic relationship that enhances engagement, boosts retention, and increases lifetime value.