The App Developer Awards are the annual barometer for the global app development industry. The 2021 Awards will recognise success and bring to the forefront the leading app developers, agencies and in-house development teams.
It’s time to boost the profile of the app development ecosystem by promoting excellence. All entries will be evaluated by an independent panel of expert judges.

Entry Deadline:

16th June 2021

Finalist Announcement:

19th July 2021

Award Ceremony & Winners Announcement:

29th July 2021


Entries have now closed, judging is in progress



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2021 Categories

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This award is open to all individual app developers working either at app development agencies or in-house teams who has demonstrated outstanding quality in their work, contributed to developing outstanding apps and who’s personality makes clients and colleagues love working with them.

Best App Development Agency

This award is open for entries from all app development agencies that can illustrate they are smashing it out of the park for their clients when it comes to outstanding offerings in the area of app development, and they have app developers practically knocking down the door it’s so awesome to work there. Drinks on the boss if you win.

App Development Team of the Year

This award is open for entries from app development agencies or in-house teams who have a group of rock stars dedicating their time to creating and maintaining an app or apps – and doing it exceptionally well!

Best Ecommerce App Development Project

This award is open for entries from agencies or ecommerce companies that highlight an ecommerce or retail app development project that has delivered results in terms of user experience, engagement, cost or other benefits. (please note that judges will not be swayed by the amount of discount they are given to use on the app)

Best Health App Development Project

This award is open for entries from agencies or health/wellbeing companies that highlight an app development project that has delivered an app for users to maintain, monitor, and/or completely smash their physical/mental health, fitness or wellbeing goals.

Best Financial App Development Project

This award is open for entries from agencies or financial institutions that highlight an app development project that has delivered a fintech or payments solution to users.

Best Food / Restaurant App Development Project

This award is open for entries from agencies or food/ restaurant companies that highlight an app development project in the area of food delivery or restaurant booking/ management.

Best Enterprise App Development Project

This award is open from entries from agencies or companies that highlight an app development project in the area of CMS, ERP, CRM or other enterprise technology.

App Development Innovation

This award is open for entries from any agency, company or developer that has created new and innovative app development processes, tools, frameworks, ways of working or technologies. If you are doing something new, innovative and amazing, we want to know about it!

Outstanding Contribution

Who deserves a plaque in the App Development Hall of Fame? This award will be presented to an individual who has demonstrably contributed to the health of the app development ecosystem over a number of years. Nominate yourself, a friend, your boss or someone whose contribution you feel needs to be formally recognised.



Krishna Baidya


Frost & Sullivan

Bola Rotibi

Research Director

CCS Insight

Ian Fogg

VP Analysis


Mark Mortensen

Principal Analyst

ACG Research

Ben Toner

Founder and CEO

Numerous Networks

Miguel Castaneda

Industry Analyst

ABI Research

Neil Shah

VP of Research

Counterpoint Research

Neil Mawston

Executive Director

Strategy Analytics

Scott Steinberg

Futurist and
Trends Expert

FutureProof Strategies

Francisco Jeronimo

Associate VP,
European Mobile Devices


Daniel Leza

Vice President

Telecommunications Management Group



Are the App Developer Awards completely independent?
Yes, 100%, of course, without a doubt.

All the judging is done online and the judges never meet, therefore regardless of whether a company sponsors the awards or anything like that this will have no bearing whatsoever on the outcome. The integrity of the awards is absolutely essential to us, they are completely independent.

Will the submission data be published or made public?
No. We will only share the entry with the judges assigned to the category. However, if there is highly confidential data you should not include this.

What is the deadline for entries?
You must submit your entry by midnight on Wednesday 16th June 2021.

How much does it cost to enter?
It’s completely free to enter.

Can I enter multiple categories?
Yes as long as you have a relevant entry you can enter multiple categories.

If I win an App Developer Award what do I receive?
Kudos, prestige, a very high level of smugness, a physical reward, the right to tell everyone that you’re the best in the business and we’re also building up a prize pot so that each winner will take home an industry related prize.

Do I have to pay to attend if I’m a shortlisted finalist?
No – we want you in the (virtual for 2021) room to collect your award.

When and where will the winners be announced?
The App Developer Award winners will be announced online on July 29th 2021.

How can my company get involved in the awards as an official partner?
We have a number of opportunities around the awards for partners. To find out more please send us an email to

Where can I find the Terms & Conditions?
All of the T&Cs are at the bottom of this page.


1. An entry is defined as a written submission proposing a product, service or app for one award category.

2. The deadline for entries is Wednesday 16th June 2021. Submissions must be received before 11:59PM (GMT) on this date to be eligible for entry.

3. Any entry may be withdrawn up until 11.59pm on Wednesday 16th June 2021(the closing date) upon written request to the organisers. Entries may also be self-edited up until the 11.59pm on the closing date.

4. The awards are open to any business or project that has commercially launched, been redeveloped or shown substantial innovation / measurable progress during the awards period, which runs from Friday 1st January 2021 to Wednesday 16th June 2021.

5. Entrants are strongly encouraged to submit joint entries with partner companies where applications, products, projects or services have been jointly developed and/or launched (i.e. a retailer jointly submitting with their mobile agency/apps developer)

6. Entries will be judged solely on the information provided via the online entry form (including video demos provided in support of the entry). Please do not send any additional supporting materials, as this will not be considered (e.g. documents/presentations)

7. All entrants are required to upload a visual demonstration of the company’s product, service or application. We ask that you send links to videos that have been uploaded to an existing online channel, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Please ensure any website access details, usernames and passwords needed for judging are supplied, that they work, and that they will continue to work until the Awards Ceremony.

8. The App Developer Awards reserves the right to use submitted footage for introducing short-listed companies during its awards ceremony (PLEASE NOTE we may request additional video footage from all finalists).

9. The App Developer Awards organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry at the company’s discretion. They also reserve the right to move an entry into a different category if deemed more suitable in both instances, the entrant would be notified.

10. By entering the App Developer Awards, companies are expressly authorizing the organiser of the App Developer Awards to use the specific text and visual materials submitted for the purposes of promoting the industry in presentations, reports for publication, website and media activities as well as other forms of promotions/publicity materials.

11. The judges’ decisions are final and there will be no further correspondence in this regard. Details of the judging panel sessions will not be disclosed.

12. The App Developer Award winners will be announced online on July 29th 2021.