Two independent companies are behind the organisation of App Promotion Summit. One brings to the table a fantastic range of in-depth knowledge of the mobile app industry, the other is a market leading conference company, which firmly believes that conferences are progressive, positive platforms. We regard the partnership as something of a dream team.


Soko Media is connecting the app industry. We create and operate a range of B2B services including digital content, directories, lead generation platforms, research and market data. We help mobile marketers, developers and app industry professionals navigate the complex and rapidly evolving app market landscape and find new suppliers and partners.

The world’s leading mobile advertising platforms, app marketing agencies and app development studios work with us to generate highly qualified sales leads and reach new customers. Our network includes a range of brands targeting different areas of the app market: Business of Apps, AppIndex and mobyaffiliates.

All Amber is a UK based company organising business conferences of the highest calibre. The events seek to bring together leading stakeholders in progressive forums. Carefully organised to facilitate learning and enable relationship building, through shared experiences, the aim is to generate business for the attendees, foster growth and drive industry development.

All Amber events are innovative and progressive in their nature and utilise the very best venues, with finely tuned agendas and an interactive roundtable format which sets them apart from the traditional row-of-seats style conferences. This all contributes to the attendees enjoying a fantastic ‘on-the-day’ experience in a business-centred environment and the benefits of significantly improved outputs and networking.