Talking @apppromotion with Diego Meller, CEO of Jampp

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Diego Meller is the Co-Founder and CEO of Jampp, one of the fatest growing players in the mobile app promotion market, specialising in Latin America and global media buying.  Diego is the first of our profiles here on the blog covering the speakers coming along to the App Promotion Summit on London July 11th.  To get your ticket register here.

5 Questions About Mobile App Promotion

1. What’s your involvement in the world of app promotion?

As a co-founder of Jampp, a leading data-driven app promotion company… my involvement is pretty clear

2. What is the biggest mobile app marketing challenge right now?

The challenge is making sense of the giant mess that the offering is. There are so many networks and suppliers of every sort that it’s hard for the app developer to understand what is the best way to go about promotion an app. Of course problems or challenges like this bring opportunities, at Jampp we try to simplify this for advertisers by giving them access to a vast number of traffic sources and promotion methods all in one place.

3. What companies or tools do you like working with or respect in the mobile app promotion space?

I think there are a lot of good companies out there, we consider ourselves a technology company. We develop technology to understand users better and use that data to dynamically optimise ads. We respect any other company that tries to solve real promotion and app discovery problems with real technology as opposed to just arbitraging or taking advantage of the asymmetry of the market.

4. What are you looking forward to about The App Promotion Summit?

I’m looking forward to discover companies we can work with, in particular suppliers and partners. Also to learn and hear from other peers what is the status and state of the art in the industry. Not to mention I’m eager to share my experience with the crowd!

5. What mobile devices do you use?

You don’t really need that many anymore, right? I only use an iPhone 5 and an iPad Mini. And a Kindle Touch when I’m on holiday, best device to read under the sun.

Thanks Diego – we’re looking forward to seeing you at The App Promotion Summit!  To join Diego and 150 other mobile marketers register for The App Promotion Summit.


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