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Helen Keegan is one of the pioneers of mobile marketing – starting in the early days of location based mobile advertising with the startup Zagme all the way through to the present day with ground-breaking events such as the Heroes of the Mobile Fringe sessions at Mobile World Congress.  Helen has played a key role in building the mobile marketing ecosystem through her involvement in Mobile Monday London, not mention the legendary Swedish Beers events which are increasingly taking place all over the world.  She also works as a mobile marketing consultant for some of the world’s leading media companies, agencies and other clients.  We’re delighted to have her chairing our panel on Appstore Marketing at The App Promotion Summit – if you’d like to come to then get your ticket here.


1. What’s your involvement in the world of app promotion?

I’ve been working in Mobile Marketing, Advertising and Media since 2000 and app promotion is part of that, especially for my media owner clients. With my events hat on, app promotion is a common theme for my discussion sessions.

2. What is the biggest mobile app marketing challenge right now?

Crowded market, beholden to the platforms and their ability to change the rules at a whim, lack of knowledge & experience in marketing;

3. What companies or tools do you like working with or respect in the mobile app promotion space?

I like what I’ve seen of App Promoter. Fiksu have some impressive results and Adeven and Flurry are interesting when it comes to analytics. Somo is a market leader in this space when it comes to marketing. Millennial Media have had impressive results with their rich media approach.

4. What are you looking forward to about The App Promotion Summit?

Finding out what’s new, meeting some interesting people, consolidating knowledge.

5. What mobile devices do you use?

Laptop (does that count these days?), Windows tablet, Nexus One, Nokia N95 (when travelling especially), Sony MP3 player. I’m in the market for a new smartphone. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Thanks Helen – really looking forward to your panel session at The App Promotion Summit.  Register here to join us


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