Stefan Bielau is one of the world’s leading experts on App Store Optimization (ASO) and mobile app marketing. His consulting practice helps companies including leading mobile app brands such as HAILO to improve their mobile app distribution and monetization.

He was previously the founder of dailyme, a mobile video and TV app. Stefan has also invested in early-stage startups including AdSquare, Zapstreak and BETEGY. You can read his blog about App Store Optimization at

Andy Carvell

Growth Manager: Mobile, SoundCloud

Andy Carvell is the Growth Manager for Mobile at SoundCloud, the world’s leading audio platform that enables anyone, anywhere to create and share original sounds across the web. Andy is responsible for growing the mobile user base through data-driven product marketing, bringing the SoundCloud app to millions of new users every week.

Prior to joining SoundCloud, Andy developed and published mobile games, including the original ‘Space Impact’ game, embedded on over 150 million handsets worldwide. Andy has over 13 years of mobile experience: developing mobile software, launching mobile services and delivering B2B mobile solutions.

Andy holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Leeds University and an MBA from Warwick Business School.

Stefanie Hoffmann

Co-Founder, loui Apps

Stefanie Hoffmann is a founding member of the MLOVE advisory board, honorary judge at the Lovie Awards, and Europe´s leading mind in Facebook companion apps. She recently launched an iOS application called Gabi, backed by a small international team of media celebrities.

Hoffman worked in product management at Bertelsmann before entering the University of the Arts in Berlin, where she studied communications and strategy and met her founding team for aka-aki. The mobile social network aka-aki went on to be named Best Mobile Social Network in the 13th Annual Webby Awards and received the Webby People’s Voice Awards in 2009.

Hoffman´s work has been covered extensively in media outlets like TechCrunch, The Times, France2 and CNN. Aside from her own projects, Hoffmann is consulting clients in the fields of strategy, concept, UI and marketing for mobile applications.

Björn Schefzyk

Chief Product Officer, Blloon

Björn has a background in UX design & product strategy and 9 years under his belt creating digital products like Samsung’s Android UI, Microsoft’s first mobile web platform, the AT&T-Verizon-TMobile mobile wallet (Isis), the digital UI for the Mercedes S-Class, and the world’s first Bluetooth-connected electric toothbrush by Oral-B.

After 7 years in sunny California, he decided to jump on a plane back to Berlin to work with the best designers and engineers in town on the best ebook app in the world, Blloon.

Kristina Rothe

Game Development Evangelist, Microsoft

For more than 20 years, video gaming, team organization and computer science have played a major part in Kristina Rothe’s life. Consequently, the former Square Enix and Travian employee, who now works as Game Development Evangelist at Microsoft Germany, has a distinct background in games as well as project & team management and IT.

Kristina started her career in the games industry as a freelance writer for the popular German online magazine Gameswelt. Eager to become more deeply involved in the actual game development process, she then moved on to join Square Enix as Project Coordinator and Travian Games as Senior Project Lead on the multi-award-winning browser game Remanum. In addition, she played a key role in building up Travian’s mobile development team.

Having been an avid believer in quality, variety and rich cross-platform experiences for many years, Kristina ultimately left Travian in late 2012 in order to take over the position of Game Development Evangelist at Microsoft Germany. In this capacity, she now aids ambitious hobbyists and aspiring development teams alike in bringing new and innovative gaming experiences to Microsoft’s various gaming platforms, such as Windows Phone 8 and Windows Azure.

Simon Kendall

Product Manager, adjust

Simon works at the app analytics platform adjust. He supports the CTO and sales & technology teams in translating product feedback and business analysis into engineering, managing technical integrations with partners, and tracking and developing key business KPIs. He studied Economics, Statistics and Econometrics at the prestigious Uppsala University, north of Stockholm, Sweden.

Tom Leclerc

ASO Manager, Wooga

Tom Leclerc is the App Store Optimization Manager at Wooga, located in the heart of Europe’s start-up capital, Berlin. He works to support developers of Wooga’s mobile and social games – from the fun, cuddly Jelly Splash to adventure titles, such as the story-driven Pearl’s Peril – with day-to-day keywording, testing and uploading.

Tom is an award-winning sales writer, blogger and SEO/ASO consultant. He has spent the last decade working for numerous high-profile companies including DHL, Hyatt Hotels Corp, Which? consumer group and UNISON, the UK’s largest trade union. Tom lives in Berlin with his PC and Xbox.

Simon Baptist

Director, Marketing EMEA, Adknowledge

Simon has been working to understand and help advertisers achieve success with Twitter and Facebook since 2008, most recently with a focus on large social advertisers as Director, Marketing EMEA for Adknowledge and their social division AdParlor. AdParlor is one of the only companies globally that has been recognised as a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer and Twitter Marketing Platform partner.

Simon’s career stretches back past the dotcom days to when he helped to start Petspark, an early iteration of social media consisting of networking, games, authoritative content and e-commerce. A coffee, craft beer and burger obsessive, Simon’s first mobile game was Auto Race and he has recently caught himself laughing while watching a SSundee and Lancey video with his sons.