Voluum is an end-to-end performance marketing platform that incorporates the most advanced tracking tool with a demand-side platform (DSP) for media buying.

The Voluum ecosystem lets you manage all your mobile campaigns effectively. You can track, analyze, optimize and buy brilliantly performing traffic for mobile. All within just one platform.

With a cutting-edge tech architecture, Voluum provides mobile marketers a flexible approach to campaign optimization, from machine learning algorithmic insights to fast one-click updates. With a centralized, intuitive user interface accessible via desktop, mobile app, or API, Voluum is the perfect solution for the mobile app advertiser.




Adikteev helps advertisers grow their audience and increase LTV by re-engaging dormant users, acquiring new customers, and creating deep engagement through interactive and playable ad units. With campaigns live in 70 countries, it boasts more than 1 billion users reached worldwide.

The company’s target KPI for every advertiser is Return On Ad Spend. The company optimizes every creative and campaign to deliver astonishing results for companies like eBay, Uber and Machine Zone.




Gummicube revolutionized mobile marketing in 2010 as the first App Store Optimization company. Gummicube’s DATACUBE software leverages proprietary ‘big data for mobile’ to understand search trends and the competitive landscape inside the app stores. By using DATACUBE, mobile search data and user behavior is no longer a black box – resulting in greater visibility, more high quality organic downloads and a lower overall cost of user acquisition.

Join the thousands of developers who have relied on Gummicube to optimize their apps for the best possible visibility and conversion with its proprietary mobile data, industry leading technology and hands-on team of ASO experts. Gummicube is based in San Jose, California with offices in Portland, Oregon and Berlin, Germany.




Taptica is a global end-to-end mobile advertising platform that helps the world’s top brands reach their most valuable users with the widest range of traffic sources available today. Our proprietary technology leverages big data, and combined with state-of-the-art machine learning, enables quality media targeting at scale.

Taptica offers data-focused marketing solutions that drive execution and powerful brand insight in mobile, leveraging video, native, display and social to reach the most valuable users for every app, service and brand. As a badged Facebook Marketing & Instagram Partner, Taptica provides world-class technology together with big data and years of experience to ensure maximum ROI.




Liftoff is the leading mobile app marketing and retargeting platform for running true CPA-optimized mobile app install campaigns. With a database of over 2 billion mobile profiles, machine learning systems, and advanced predictive intelligence, Liftoff enables marketers to programmatically target mobile users most likely to engage with your apps.




TheTool is a handy and easy-to-use ASO platform that helps analyze and optimize the main KPIs of App Store Optimization (keywords, top charts, ratings, conversion rate, etc.) for apps and games, and provides competitor benchmarks in order to make the right decisions for ASO strategy.

TheTool can be used by indie developers, startups, brands and large publishers, and is already trusted by app developers of all sizes including Verse, 8fit, From The Bench, ABA English, Privalia and Jetradar.

ASO for everyone!



Priori Data

Priori Data is a Berlin-based company that provides a powerful market intelligence platform to companies in the mobile app market. Since 2013, Priori Data has consistently enabled its partners and clients to build long-term winning strategies with their apps, investments and research engagements. Priori Data has best-in-class data that gives users the ability to track, benchmark and research the performance of any relevant mobile app or publisher.




AppTweak is an App Store Optimization (ASO) tool empowering app developers and marketers to improve their app store visibility, increase app rankings and drive organic downloads. The platform enables users to audit, optimize and monitor their app’s performance globally and over time.

Solutions include: personalized and recommended actions; competition analysis; app analytics; reviews analysis; and a powerful multilingual keyword tool. The company also offers consulting services and an API access.

AppTweak manages over 1000 accounts in more than 60 countries, including Universal Music, Air France, Babbel, LinkedIn, Etsy, Shopify, Chess.com, StepStone, Rocket Internet, GoEuro, Practo and S4M.




AppsFlyer’s technology is found on 98% of the world’s smartphones, making it the global leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics. Data-driven marketers rely on AppsFlyer for independent measurement solutions and innovative tools to grow and protect their mobile business.

AppsFlyer’s platform processes billions of mobile actions every day, empowering app marketers and developers to maximize the return on their marketing investments. With Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Snap Inc., Tencent and 2,500+ other integrated partners, and clients including HBO, Playtika, Waze, Alibaba, Kayak, Activision and 12,000+ leading brands worldwide, AppsFlyer has 12 global offices to support marketers everywhere as the go-to resource for the most successful mobile apps in the world.




appScatter’s centralised distribution and management platform integrates with the world’s top App Stores. Offering unrivalled audience reach, efficient app management and centralised reporting, appScatter distributes apps across the 50 best performing app stores. Global brands, digital agencies and independent developers rely on appScatter to help manage global app portfolios.




CROWD.agency is a leading data-driven influencer marketing agency. After building a $30m mobile entertainment business from data and influencers, we are now making our learnings, tactics, technology and successes available to you! Our expert team execute 250+ direct response influencer campaigns every month, and have worked with over 6,000 influencers to deliver highly engaging and profitable digital marketing solutions. CROWD. is a division of Crowd Mobile, an Australian & German publicly listed mobile-first company with digital products and m-payment connections in 54 countries and 30 languages.




AsoMaker is the first free ASO analytical platform for optimizing and improving app keyword rankings within the App Store and Google Play. With AsoMaker app developers can perform perfect semantic keyword research, analyze competitors, define the most relevant keywords, and boost the current keywords ranking in 50 countries. AsoMaker is a powerful platform that will increase an app’s viewability and organic downloads.

AsoMaker gives real-time information about your keyword rankings. It helps you understand how your app will be found on the app stores and how to make your ASO more effective.




Branch provides solutions that unify user measurement across different devices, platforms, and channels, and deliver a seamless customer experience no matter where the user comes from. The introduction of mobile has divided today’s businesses, causing inaccurate attribution and links that don’t work, leading to wasted marketing spend and broken customer journeys. Branch fixes that by providing a holistic view of various user touch points and ensuring that links take the user to the right place on the website or native app.

Branch is used by the top brands in mobile including Target, Starbucks, Airbnb, Slack and thousands more.




MobileBridge provides a purpose-built, mobile-centric marketing platform, focused on ‘actioning’ conversion. It combines real-time location and situational data with existing user data for targeting, focusing on hitting the right moment to market to the user. When that moment occurs, it serves content that invites user participation and conversation, further stimulated by incentives such as promotions and loyalty points, and gamification to build two-way conversations with end-consumers, driving genuine engagement and conversion across all channels.

Customers such as Burger King, Dansk Supermarked and Praxis see significant uplift in active engagement (x100), conversion rates (x40) and loyalty. Compared to marketing methods centred around email or mobile push-messaging, MobileBridge is refining the art of staying hidden and only targeting the user at the moment they are most likely to convert or engage. Successful engagement drives higher quality data, enabling a virtuous circle of improvement.




AppLift is a leading mobile ad tech company that empowers mobile app advertisers to take control of every stage of the app marketing lifecycle.

AppLift’s programmatic platform, DataLift 360, enables advertisers to launch their apps as well as grow and retain quality users from one interface. With DataLift 360, app marketers can programmatically access all major mobile ad inventory worldwide and control their campaigns through a single proprietary technology platform, which provides advanced data integration as well as extended targeting and audience management capabilities.

AppLift is trusted by 500+ leading global advertisers across all verticals, such as King, Zynga, OLX, Glu Mobile, Myntra, Paltalk, Nexon, Tap4Fun, N26 and many others.




Redbox Mobile was founded by Rory Mudie in 2013 and has become the leading App Store Optimization (ASO) company. Redbox Mobile, with offices in London and New York, has acquired and successfully serviced accounts for over 50 major brands in its four-year history.

This new and developing industry has similar challenges to the ones that faced website owners when the Google search engine began to dominate the discovery of websites. This led to a new industry that focused purely on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). For an app, the solution is referred to as App Store Optimization. ASO is the service that Redbox Mobile delivers.




Remerge is the leading high-performance ad-buying platform for app marketers. Founded in 2014 in Berlin and with offices in San Francisco, New York, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo, Remerge offers access to 1.5 million users per second in 400,000 apps for scalable performance campaigns.

More than 150 of the world’s biggest app developers including Wish, Hotel Tonight, King and MZ trust Remerge to re-engage their user base and to increase revenues.




Epom Apps is a powerful app monetization platform that makes the process of revenue generation for publishers easy and effective. Being a mediation-first platform, it provides app developers with access to top ad networks.

The main benefit of working with Epom Apps is that they totally handle monetization by themselves. They analyze your app and its audience, give suggestions on ad format implementation, and select the best matching and highest-paying advertisers. Epom also manages the negotiation process with the demand side.




Talon.One is the world’s most flexible promotion engine. We offer a powerful solution for creating, managing and tracking coupon codes, discount campaigns, loyalty programs and referral rewards in one holistic platform. Once your data is integrated with Talon.One, you have no limitations in creating complex promotions.

Why Talon.One? We developed Talon.One as a response to the very limited functionality of all available coupon, loyalty and referral tools out there that hardly meet the needs of bigger enterprises. Our promotion engine helps you build the most sophisticated campaigns without relying on additional development resources.




Appromoters is a full-service app marketing agency and mobile ad network offering creative solutions for all types of apps. We focus on first class results, user engagement and optimization of your services along with your product.

Appromoters is a provider of both traditional digital marketing solutions as well as new and innovate marketing solutions. We are a team of seasoned marketing professionals, having done a vast amount of campaigns all over the world for many different clients. Our specialty is having sustainable and short time-to-market promotion campaigns fitting a wide variety of business needs. Our sweet spot is serving both B2B and B2C markets specifically for games, web and mobile applications. We offer this through a number of standard and personalized strategic service models that allow us to develop solid user engagement programs and maximum exposure.




Tenjin brings simplicity and insight to your mobile marketing spending. With support for over 100 ad networks, Tenjin provides powerful tools for any marketer to analyze the source of their users, in-app purchases and advertising revenue.

Tenjin is a Y Combinator company headquartered in downtown San Francisco.